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Influencer ‘Goalorious’ Hypes BlockDAG: $52.2M Presale Soars as Bitcoin Miners Shake Up the Market and XRP Eyes a Bull Run


Amidst the backdrop of increased activity by Bitcoin miners and anticipation of an XRP bull run, what distinguishes BlockDAG from other contenders is the cutting-edge innovations and strategic advancements. These technological innovations, as recently highlighted in its Moon-shot Keynote, have received a glowing review by popular influencer “Goalorious”. Seeing an explosive presale growth, BlockDAG has successfully raised $52.2 million, selling over 11.6 billion coins at an impressive 1120% surge in price from the initial batch. 

The Impact of Bitcoin Miner Sales on Market Stability

In the past week, Bitcoin miners have significantly ramped up their selling activities, contributing to a notable 4.5% drop in Bitcoin’s price to a monthly low. This escalation in selling by Bitcoin miners, as detailed in the latest CryptoQuant report, correlates with the transfer of a substantial amount of BTC to exchanges and direct sales through over-the-counter desks. 



Bitcoin miners have been compelled to increase their selling due to persistently low revenue streams following the halving, which drastically reduced their earnings. With the Bitcoin network’s hash rate remaining high, Bitcoin miners are forced to compete under strenuous conditions for diminished rewards, exacerbating the selling pressure. This surge in Bitcoin miner sales raises concerns about potential further declines in Bitcoin’s value as market stability is tested.

Potential XRP Bull Run: Key Resistance & Support Levels 

XRP is showing signs of a potential bull run as it gradually ascends above key support levels, maintaining its position over the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. The cryptocurrency is forming a consistent bullish trend, evidenced by a trend line that supports upward movement. 

A decisive close above a notable resistance zone could catalyze a significant rise, marking the beginning of a robust ascent. However, if XRP fails to surpass this critical resistance, it might face a pullback to lower support levels. The ongoing trend and market response near these pivotal points will be crucial in determining the strength and sustainability of the XRP bull run.

Famed Influencer All Praises For BlockDAG’s Keynote  

The glowing endorsement video from popular crypto Youtuber ‘Goalorious’ for BlockDAG’s latest Moon-shot Keynote has set the crypto scene on fire. This influencer’s backing has significantly propelled the presale, which has now amassed an impressive $52.2 million and sold over 11.6 billion coins. Currently, in its 18th batch priced at $0.0122 per coin, marking a stunning 1120% surge in price from the initial batch price of $0.001.



This presale frenzy is underscored by the successful introduction of the X10 mining rig, which has captured market attention and generated an additional $3.3 million from over 8044 mining rigs sold. The X10’s arrival aligns perfectly with a renewed interest in crypto mining, further highlighted by the ongoing activity of Bitcoin miners.


The X10 miner stands out as a revolutionary entry in crypto mining rigs, tailor-made for those venturing into cryptocurrency mining. This compact, efficient machine is no larger than a standard Wi-Fi extender, seamlessly integrating into any home environment. It boasts a hash rate of 100 MH/s, allowing it to mine up to 200 BDAG coins daily while maintaining remarkable energy efficiency with just 40 watts of power consumption. 

Bottom Line

As we navigate through the dynamic shifts in the cryptocurrency market, BlockDAG’s innovative approach to integrating efficient mining solutions and robust growth strategies positions it as a leader in the industry. The successful rollout of the X10 mining rig, coupled with the strategic endorsements and massive presale achievements, underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to reshaping the future of blockchain technology. Whether it’s capitalizing on the trends set by Bitcoin miners, leveraging the momentum of the XRP bull run, or setting new standards with crypto mining rigs, BlockDAG is at the forefront, ready to deliver unparalleled opportunities and advancements in the crypto sphere.


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