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Deji Home | The fusion of traditional hand block printing and modern innovation



As you nestle into the warmth of your home, imagine a world where each color, each print, each thread speak to your soul and tell a tale of tradition & artistry. Sink into the plush softness of your bed, feel the luxurious warmth of hand-block printed bedsheet adorned with intricate motifs, and soak into the legacy of art. The beautiful soft cushions, inviting you to snuggle and embrace their loving warmth, each one carrying the whispers of the artisans’ passion and majestic artistry. The curtains, swaying softly in the breeze, weave a tapestry of ornate designs, evoking the rich cultural heritage and artistic insight of those skilled hands that crafted them. 

 Welcome to Deji’s timeless realm of hand-block printing, where skilled artisans, carrying the torch of heritage, craft home textile products with an artisanal elegance that transcends fleeting trends. This is the story of their passion, their art, and the promise of eco-conscious, soul-soothing luxury, waiting to grace your sanctuary.

A Tradition of Excellence

Hand block printing is a heritage art form that traces its origins to centuries-old ancient India, that involves using hand-carved wooden blocks dipped in dye to create intricate patterns on fabric. Combining this ancient art, contemporary designs & modern innovation, we don’t merely print textiles, we infuse each piece with a soul that resonates through the warp and weft of the fabric, resulting in products with unparalleled beauty, cultural richness, and sustainability.

Our Innovation – Color Fastness

In the world of hand-block printing, ink becomes a bridge between craft and design on fabric. At Deji, we have poured years of wisdom and innovation into developing organic inks that not only flaunt the beauty of natural colors but also endure the test of time. Each color, carefully imprinted on 100% pure cotton, holds steadfast, refusing to fade even after countless washes. We ensure sustainability and longevity of our products in terms of fabric as well as colors.

The products we craft:

Our passion for art is not confined to a singular product. From the soft embrace of bed linen to the comforting touch of bath linen, and from the elegance of table linen to the soulful essence of living goods, our artisanal touch graces every corner of your home and lifestyle. Imagine Bedsheets that whisper tales of comfort, Comforters that cocoon you in serene dreams, Quilts that sing lullabies of heritage, Cushions that cradle you with love, and pillows that hold your secrets gently. Envision towels that pamper your skin, pouches that carry your essentials with grace, and bags that accompany you on every journey. Even Table covers that set the stage for joyful gatherings. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to artistry, sustainability, and the timeless beauty that adds a touch of Deji’s warmth and elegance to your home and living.

Vibrant Designs and Patterns

We have a rich splendid collection of designs. From the lively elegance of contemporary motifs to the mesmerizing allure of geometric patterns, and from the vibrant narratives of contemporary art to the modern aesthetic symphonies, our each design holds a story waiting to told. Here at Deji, we believe that every generation and every individual taste should find a home within our collection of designs. Stamped with organic, long-lasting inks, these designs not only grace your home but also stand the test of time, weaving themselves into the very fabric of your story & eternally proclaiming their timeless allure.

Sustainability – Embracing the Earth’s Embrace

With our unshakable commitment to ethical practices, Our love affair with the planet is woven into every fiber of our being. Our hand-block printed textiles are a testament to our deep-rooted dedication to using eco-friendly organic dyes, inks, and processes, minimizing our footprint on the very Earth that cradles us.

But our journey does not end there, for Deji Home is a sanctuary of dreams and compassion. With every purchase, you become a guardian of age-old crafts, a protector of traditions passed down through generations. The hands that carefully craft each piece are not just artisan’s hands, they are storytellers, guardians of heritage, and masters of their craft. Through your support, we ensure fair wages and safe working conditions, because we believe that creating beauty should never come at the expense of humanity.

So, as you adorn your home with the warmth of Deji’s artisanal products, remember that you are not just acquiring a piece of art, but embarking on a journey of sustenance. You lift the spirits of artisans, helping cultural richness bloom within your sanctuary. 

Customer Satisfaction – Your Delight, Our Promise

At Deji, we take immense pride in the craftsmanship and heirloom quality of our products and the exceptional customer service we offer. Every piece undergoes meticulous quality checks, ensuring that they exceed your highest expectations. We are genuinely passionate about providing you with a warm and caring experience that matches the artisanal elegance of our textiles. We want you to feel at home every time you choose Deji Home.

We stand by every product that we hand-craft. That’s why we confidently offer you a satisfaction guarantee – if for any reason our textiles do not meet your expectations, our customer service team is here to assist you with utmost care and understanding.

When you welcome Deji Home into your sanctuary, we welcome you into our artisanal family, where satisfaction is not just a guarantee, but a way of life.

About Deji

At Deji, our passion lies in delivering high-quality home textile products that seamlessly intertwine the age-old artistry of hand-block printing with contemporary designs and creativity. Our goal is to craft items that elevate the aesthetics and coziness of living spaces, all the while championing sustainability and ethical standards. We cater to renowned brands, offering both wholesale and retail options under our own brand label. Explore our online store at to make a purchase, or connect with us to discuss personalized manufacturing for your brand. Thank you for choosing Deji. 


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