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ACKOxYouGov ‘Health Insurance Index’: 59% of People Intending to Buy Insurance Want 100% Claim Settlement


In the dynamic landscape of Health Insurance, a recent survey conducted by ACKO in collaboration with YouGov has unveiled a significant trend – a robust 59% of individuals intending to purchase Health Insurance express a strong inclination towards policies with 100% claim settlement. This statistic, revealed in the ACKOxYouGov ‘Health Insurance Index,’ reflects a shifting paradigm in consumer preferences towards financial security and comprehensive coverage. In this detailed exploration, we aim to dissect the factors contributing to this growing trend and elucidate how ACKO’s Health Insurance plans align with the evolving expectations of the discerning consumer.



The inclination towards desiring 100% claim settlement in Health Insurance is not merely a statistical anomaly but a consequential shift influenced by multifaceted factors. To grasp the significance of this trend, it becomes imperative to understand the motivations that drive individuals to seek policies with full bill payments. This trend is particularly pronounced when considering the needs of senior citizens, highlighting the importance of tailored Health Insurance for senior citizens.


Why do most people want 100% claim settlement?

Reduced Out-of-Pocket Expenses:

The desire for 100% claim settlement stems from a pragmatic approach to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Opting for policies with no deductions ensures that policyholders bear minimal financial burden during claim settlements, fostering financial stability.

Rising Medical Costs:

The surge in medical costs underscores the need for comprehensive coverage. Individuals are increasingly cognizant of the financial implications of medical treatments. The preference for 100% claim settlement reflects a proactive stance in mitigating the impact of escalating healthcare expenses.


Are Cashless Treatments 100% Cashless?

The concept of cashless treatments, while convenient, comes with nuances that policyholders must comprehend. Contrary to the perception of complete cashlessness, these treatments often involve a certain percentage to be borne by the policyholder.


Despite the convenience, a percentage, typically around 10%, may need to be covered by the policyholder. This revelation prompts individuals to seek Health Insurance plans that offer a complete waiver on these deductions for a truly seamless experience.


Do ACKO Health Plans Have 100% Claim Settlement?

In addressing the prevailing trend, ACKO’s Personal Health Insurance plans stand out by proudly offering a definitive yes to the question of 100% claim settlement. Acknowledging the evolving expectations of consumers, all ACKO Personal health plans come equipped with a zero-deductions-on-claims feature.


Whether one opts for the Standard, Platinum, or Super Top-up health plan, the assurance remains consistent – there will be no deductions on the claim amount. This commitment not only aligns with consumer expectations but also reaffirms ACKO’s dedication to providing transparent, customer-centric insurance solutions.


What Does ACKO Offer?

To comprehend how ACKO meets the demand for 100% claim settlement, it is crucial to delve into the specifics of their Health Insurance plans, each meticulously designed to cater to diverse healthcare needs:


Individual Insurance Coverage under ACKO Standard Health Insurance Plan 

Suitable for: Single/individual person

This plan provides personalized coverage, ensuring that individuals receive financial protection against unforeseen medical expenses.


Family Floater Coverage under ACKO Standard and Platinum Health Insurance Plans

Suitable for: Family, including spouse, children, and parents

Offering collective coverage, this plan secures the health of the entire family under a single policy.


Health Insurance for Senior Citizens ACKO Standard and Platinum Health Insurance Plans

Suitable for: People above 65 years of age

Tailored for the elderly, this plan addresses age-specific health needs, providing comprehensive coverage.


Critical Illness Insurance Plan Under ACKO Platinum Health Insurance Plan

Suitable for: Financial protection against expensive treatment for critical illness

Offering a lump sum amount, this plan ensures financial support during challenging times of critical illnesses.


Group Health Insurance Plan ACKO Group Medical Coverage

Suitable for: Group of people, such as a company’s employees

Designed for organizations, this plan provides health coverage to a collective, ensuring the well-being of employees.


3 Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens

Can Customers Get Zero Deductions on Health Insurance for Senior Citizens?

The inclusivity of ACKO’s Health Insurance plans extends beyond demographic boundaries, ensuring that senior citizens, too, can benefit from zero deductions on all claims.


Under ACKO Personal Health Insurance plans, customers can secure zero deductions on claims for their senior citizen family members. This inclusive approach reflects an understanding of the unique healthcare needs of the elderly, offering comprehensive coverage without any financial burden.


Final Words

In conclusion, the ACKOxYouGov ‘Health Insurance Index’ serves as a compelling testament to the evolving expectations of Health Insurance consumers. The resonance of the majority’s preference for 100% claim settlement is met with ACKO’s commitment to transparency, customer-centricity, and comprehensive coverage. As individuals seek robust financial protection amidst the complexities of the healthcare landscape, ACKO emerges as a trustworthy ally, offering insurance solutions that go beyond expectations, safeguarding both health and financial well-being.


Secure your future today with ACKO, your partner in financial well-being! Connect with ACKO to explore tailored Health Insurance solutions that cater to your unique needs. Your journey to financial security begins here!


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