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The Cocolove: Creating Special Moments with Mindful Chocolates 


Introduction: In the busy world of business and snacks, meet Praween Kr and Sindhu, a couple from Tamil Nadu breaking new ground with their latest project – The Cocolove. Launched in late December 2023, this unique brand isn’t just about making chocolates; it’s about making memorable moments through mindful indulgence. In this article, we’ll delve into the beginnings of The Cocolove, how they craft their distinctive recipes, the quick success they’ve achieved, and the big picture that propels the brand forward.

The Beginnings of The Cocolove: At 31, entrepreneur Praween Kr spotted an opportunity in the wellness industry. He realized that dark chocolates could be more than just tasty treats; they could promote mindfulness and well-being. This realization gave birth to The Cocolove, a brand dedicated to blending flavor with holistic benefits.

Creating the Perfect Recipe: The success of any venture often depends on the quality of its product. In The Cocolove’s case, this means creating the perfect recipe. Launched in 2023 with an investment of around Rs 10 lakhs, The Cocolove introduced four flavors: Crunchel, Enchanta, Fruition, and Velveto. What makes these chocolates stand out is the careful mix of ingredients – ashwagandha, shilajit, berries, dry fruits, saffron, and Vitamin E – along with a premium 45% cocoa content. The chocolates are crafted from bean to bar to preserve the natural goodness of cocoa.

Intelligent Marketing and Rapid Success: Turning an idea into success involves smart marketing. In late 2023, Praween Kr used platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook for initial ads, getting a positive response. Despite restrictions on some advertising, the brand turned to influencer marketing, teaming up with social media influencers. The result? In just a month after the 2024 launch, The Cocolove earned an impressive Rs 15 lakhs. Interestingly, most sales came from big cities, with an unexpected 60% from female customers.

Complete Advantages and Future Goals: The Cocolove is more than just candy; it positions itself as a Complete Snack with benefits beyond taste. The addition of ashwagandha and shilajit aims to bring stress relief, better sleep, and overall mindfulness. Looking forward, the brand has set ambitious goals, targeting a revenue of Rs 2-3 crores in the next financial year (2024-25). Plans involve opening stores, partnering with brands that align with their wellness values, and exploring opportunities in international markets. The Cocolove wants to spread the message of mindful indulgence globally.

The Visionaries Behind The Cocolove: Praween Kr and Sindhu, graduates from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), bring a rich history of successful ventures to The Cocolove. Their journey from a college project to thriving businesses like Young Trendz and BlankTshirt showcases their entrepreneurial spirit and determination to innovate. The Cocolove is a testament to their commitment to trying new things and creating unique experiences that promote overall well-being.

Challenges and Triumphs: Every business journey has its challenges, and The Cocolove is no different. Overcoming restrictions on advertising content, the brand cleverly embraced influencer marketing. The unexpected surge in female customers highlights a potential market segment worth exploring. The rapid success, while impressive, brings the challenge of meeting higher demand – a challenge the brand is ready to tackle.

Consumer Experience and Testimonials: The heart of any brand lies in its consumers’ experiences. The Cocolove hasn’t just gained revenue; it’s built a dedicated customer base. Reviews praise not only the delicious taste but also the transformative experience that comes with mindful indulgence. Consumers report feeling more relaxed, in a better mood, and even experiencing improved sleep – a testament to the brand’s commitment to holistic well-being.

Global Perspectives on Mindful Indulgence: As The Cocolove eyes international markets, it taps into a global trend towards mindful indulgence. Consumers worldwide are seeking products that offer more than just temporary enjoyment. The Cocolove, with its unique flavours and holistic benefits, positions itself as a global player in the growing market of conscious consumerism.

The Path Forward: In conclusion, The Cocolove stands at the intersection of success, with a history defined by innovation and a future promising growth and global influence. Praween Kr and Sindhu’s venture not only caters to a niche market but challenges societal norms around well-being discussions. As The Cocolove continues its journey, it aspires to be an integral part of mindful living, redefining moments of sweetness as opportunities for complete wellness.


  1. What is The Cocolove brand?
    • The Cocolove is a mindful indulgence brand based in Tamil Nadu, India, offering chocolates crafted for enhanced sleep, stress relief, and overall well-being.
  2. What are the ingredients in The Cocolove brand chocolates?
    • The key ingredients of The Cocolove brand chocolates include ashwagandha, shilajit, Vitamin E, berries, dry fruits, saffron, and a premium 45% cocoa content.
  3. How does The Cocolove brand chocolate contribute to well-being?
    • These chocolates promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve mood, enhance sleep quality, and provide an overall sense of mindfulness.
  4. Who can enjoy mindful indulgence with The Cocolove chocolates?
    • Everyone, regardless of age or gender, can savor these chocolates as part of a mindful indulgence. However, individuals with specific allergies should consult a doctor before consumption.
  5. Who are the co-founders of The Cocolove brand?
    • Praween Kr and Sindhu are the co-founders of The Cocolove brand, dedicated to crafting mindful indulgences for holistic well-being.

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