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Vivek Bali’s Urgent Call Addressing Drug Abuse and Governance Challenges in Jammu and Kashmir through Swift Assembly Elections


In response to the growing challenges faced by the people of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), Vivek Bali, the State General Secretary of JDU J&K, has called for prompt assembly elections in the region. Bali’s advocacy is grounded in the belief that the absence of an elected government exacerbates various issues, with drug abuse emerging as a critical concern intertwined with broader governance challenges.

Addressing economic hardships in J&K, Bali emphasizes the link between youth unemployment and the escalating drug abuse problem. The surge in unemployment, both in private and government sectors, has created conditions conducive to social issues, making drug abuse a pressing threat. Bali contends that the lack of responsive governance has allowed these problems to proliferate, particularly affecting the well-being of the region’s youth.

In a press statement on December 4th, Bali not only calls for the reinstatement of full statehood and the preservation of special rights under Article 371 but also underscores the urgent need for assembly elections. He highlights that an elected government is essential for addressing the specific needs and concerns of the people, especially the youth dealing with unemployment and susceptibility to substance abuse.

“The people are in great distress without an elected government. Holding assembly elections is vital as an elected government is accountable to the people, unlike bureaucrats who lack direct answerability,” states Vivek Bali, emphasizing the importance of democratic processes in alleviating social challenges faced by the region.

Bali’s mobilization of the party cadre for upcoming PRI and Urban Local Body elections in Jammu and Kashmir reflects a commitment to strengthening democratic processes at the grassroots level. His plea for intensified public outreach, including public meetings and door-to-door campaigns, underscores the significance of leaders staying connected with the masses to understand their concerns.

As Jammu and Kashmir grapples with unemployment, economic challenges, and the scourge of drug abuse, Vivek Bali’s call for swift assembly elections transcends political rhetoric. It becomes a plea for responsive governance to address the pressing issues faced by the region. The intersection of political representation and social issues, particularly drug abuse, highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for a government that can effectively address the multifaceted challenges confronting Jammu and Kashmir.


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